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…on sound, books, life and stoicism

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Education and Learning

Lifelong learning is something that I advocate all the time.
Start small, start with hobbies that can make your life better, then start adding more complicated ideas.

My Current Recording Setup

Most of my audio work is done at the post-production stage. I edit, mix, master, and even with scoring I solely use synths and virtual instruments.

Vision and Goals

I am a big believer in setting clear goals, writing a vision down on a piece of paper and following it.
The vision can apply to anything – your career, your business, your health, your relationships. However what I noticed is that without it is so easy to fall back into procrastination and old habits.


Practical tips from the producer of Casefile: True Crime Podcast



I am an audio editor, composer and producer. After moving to the UK and completing my studies, I joined the biggest film studio in Europe, Pinewood. As a team leader, I worked on several blockbuster movies for Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars at International Sound department.

After leaving the industry, I focused on working with podcasters and audiobook producers.

I currently produce a popular true crime podcast Casefile and run a personal blog.

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