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…on sound, books, life and stoicism

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How to Spot a Trend in Podcasting?

The popularity of a podcast depends on various factors. Today I want to focus on the last one – the topic.
It’s one thing to be passionate about a subject, and another to have other people like it too.

What is your Podcast Idea?

Everything starts with an idea – podcasting is not an exemption from the rule.
It’s important to understand the basics of recording and audio editing.

Podcasting and Marketing

Should I start a podcast?
The question that every marketer asks, at least in the present times.
Why is that?
Well, if you google future of podcasting it’s easy to see that everyone seems to be bullish on the medium.


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I am an audio editor, composer and producer. After moving to the UK and completing my studies, I joined the biggest film studio in Europe, Pinewood. As a team leader, I worked on several blockbuster movies for Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars at International Sound department.

After leaving the industry, I focused on working with podcasters and audiobook producers.

I currently produce a popular true crime podcast Casefile and run a personal blog.

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