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…on sound, books, life and stoicism

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Strategy and Podcasting

Starting any venture, be it a business, a podcast or a website is a lot of work. Some time ago I read that it takes around 18 months for a business to be profitable, and that’s assuming everything goes well.

Should You Give a Free Advice?

We are entering the biggest revolution humanity had since industrial time – age of information.
Thanks to the internet, all knowledge is here, and it’s free.

Differentiation Factor

Differentiation factor or much simpler expression – the X-Factor.

One question that I try to answer during strategy business workshop is
“What makes you different from your competitors?”


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I am an audio editor, composer and producer. After moving to the UK and completing my studies, I joined the biggest film studio in Europe, Pinewood. As a team leader, I worked on several blockbuster movies for Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars at International Sound department.

After leaving the industry, I focused on working with podcasters and audiobook producers.

I currently produce a popular true crime podcast Casefile and run a personal blog.

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