Casefile: Making a Podcast Episode 08 Background Music

19 JULY 2016

written by Mike


In the eight episode of my miniseries Casefile: Making a Podcast, I continue with scoring, but this time – background music.

Filler music, background music. I use these terms to describe a score that doesn’t have a distinctive theme, but it is still needed to carry the scene.

Try to remember any action scene from any movie. Fast paced rhythms, quick strings, frantic bass. Music like that is generic but important and especially with the podcast, there is a fine line between playing to the story and distracting the listener.

When creating background music, I’m influenced by video games and dynamic scoring. I will come up with a simple chord progression and start looking for sounds.

After that, I usually record all the sounds at the same time and start removing clips of audio. It may be unusual, but sometimes a different approach will show you new, exciting ways of doing things.

Casefile started as a hobby project, a true crime podcast with a focus on lesser known cases. It quickly grew in popularity and notoriety. At an early stage, I joined the podcast and helped with production and music composition.

Soon the downloads reached more than million a month, all by word of mouth and no paid advertisement.

The show grew, and the team expanded. Alex, producer and publisher from Paragon Collective and Andrew Joslyn, incredibly talented composer who worked with bands such as Macklemore joined to take the show to new heights. With every episode, fanbase grows, and Casefile becomes a top true crime podcast to follow.

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