Casefile: Makine a Podcast Episode 03 Clips from archives

01 JULY 2016

written by Mike


In the third episode of my miniseries Casefile: Making a Podcast, I start with editing.

The podcast is usually made from three elements:
– the most important dialogue
– media clips from archives
– score

I always start with media clips. I have them ready in my session; now I want to clean them up. With clips from archives I don’t need to make them perfect, the listeners expect “bad” quality; it’s all about authenticity.

What is more important is the music. Some of these clips come with embedded music. I can’t use that, and somehow I need to edit the music out. One way to do that is to use Izotope Rx; I will show you the steps in this episode. After that, we’ll cover the rest with an original score.

Casefile started as a hobby project, a true crime podcast with a focus on lesser known cases. It quickly grew in popularity and notoriety. At an early stage, I joined the podcast and helped with production and music composition. Soon the downloads reached more than million a month, all by word of mouth and no paid advertisement. The show grew, and the team expanded. Alex, producer and publisher from Paragon Collective and Andrew Joslyn, incredibly talented composer who worked with bands such as Macklemore joined to take the show to new heights. With every episode, fanbase grows, and Casefile becomes a top true crime podcast to follow.

You can listen to Casefile: True Crime Podcast here:

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