Casefile: Making a Podcast Episode 07 Score & Themes

16 JULY 2016

written by Mike


In the seventh episode of my miniseries Casefile: Making a Podcast, I present another side to creating a podcast – music composition.

Casefile is a show where music plays a crucial part. Dark pads, suspenseful themes on strings help to make the story dramatic and impactful.

Like I mentioned before, after reading the scripts I make notes of distinctive parts of the case. Important characters, places and moments. Each one of these will have a theme that will re-occur throughout the episode.

Remember the movie Lord of The Rings?
Each time the Ring appeared on the screen, you could hear a particular musical motif. It’s the same idea with the podcast, of course not as complex.

For creating music, I use Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Native Instruments. I always start with the piano and just build on top of the bass line. The score goes through changes, and it may sound completely different than what it was in the beginning.

Casefile started as a hobby project, a true crime podcast with a focus on lesser known cases. It quickly grew in popularity and notoriety. At an early stage, I joined the podcast and helped with production and music composition.

Soon the downloads reached more than million a month, all by word of mouth and no paid advertisement.

The show grew, and the team expanded. Alex, producer and publisher from Paragon Collective and Andrew Joslyn, incredibly talented composer who worked with bands such as Macklemore joined to take the show to new heights. With every episode, fanbase grows, and Casefile becomes a top true crime podcast to follow.

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