Casefile: Making a Podcast Episode 1 – Script and Notes podcast production

25 JUNE 2016

written by Mike

As you may know, I’m currently working as editor/composer on popular true crime podcast – Casefile: True Crime Podcast.

I’ve decided to create “behind the scenes” miniseries of podcast production. I wanted to do that for the fans but also for anyone who is interested in audio work.

The series will be around ten episodes and in the first one I introduce the project and talk about the script and the first day of my workflow.

In the first episode of my miniseries Casefile: Making a Podcast, I will show you the first day of production.
Well, the first day for me!
I always start with the script.
Podcasting is all about telling a compelling story; I go through the script to get familiar with the case.

Is it a murder case? Had a robbery gone wrong?

My notes will help me later on when I start creating musical cues.
But even for audio work, knowing the story beforehand will give me the background I need.

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