At the moment I’m busy producing Casefile, running a blog and experimenting with side ventures.

But! If you want to connect, have exciting project or event on the horizon, get in touch!


Producer, Composer, Editor, Strategist

Casefile is a popular, award-winning and my favourite podcast. The project started as a hobby; a true crime show that I joined early on as an editor and composer.

The show quickly gained popularity; the team grew, and as for now, we are staying at the top of the charts. We were featured in major newspapers and blogs, won podcasting award and were voted iTunes “Best of 2016”.

Casefile is a perfect example of hard work, dedication, passion, and luck. As a unique team not only we have a blast creating the episodes, but we all put in our best, week in and week out. And it shows.

The podcast is grim, 18 rated and not for faint-hearted. Listen at your risk.

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