Do you want to start a podcast?

Podcasting is the new blogging, the new vlogging, the new…you get it, right? As you read and hear people speak about how awesome podcasting is and that you should start one, they usually don’t reveal how to launch a podcast.

If you are thinking about starting one or are creating a podcast, this course will help you get an idea of what to expect, especially in the early stages of the adventure.

In this class, I want to cover the basics – the idea, the hosting, the monetisation, the RSS. To give you an understanding of the field and the elements that you should be paying attention to.


Why learn from me?

At the end of 2015, after a few years working at a movie studio in London as a dialogue editor, I left my job and stumbled upon podcasting. I didn’t know what podcasts were, but I figured it’s dialogue – that’s what I do, so I picked up a few projects. 

One of the projects was an Australian true crime podcast called Casefile. The show took off, and as of 2021, we have published around 200 episodes, have hundreds of millions of downloads and the best audience in the world!

The last few years put me on the path of understanding and producing podcasts. Since Casefile, we’ve released a few other podcasts and started a podcasting platform Casefile Presents which offers help to other podcast producers who want to work with us. From audio production, help with the scripts to release and marketing.

As a podcast producer, I also want to offer my insight to people interested in this work – to start their show or produce podcasts for somebody else.

The course structure

I will go through the critical elements of podcasting, from the initial idea to selecting the right hosting platform, exporting your podcast with the correct descriptions. We will also look at monetisation and what can you expect in terms of money. We’ll talk about things that usually go together when you start podcasting – your website, social media and newsletters.

Each video will tackle a different topic, but I split a couple of them into two parts as we will look at different angles of the subject. The videos are short and to the point; I want to give you tips and tricks for navigating the landscape based on my experience.


Important information

This class called How to Launch a Podcast is not an audio production course. You will not learn about microphones or editing software here. This class is purely about the launch – setting up hosting, the RSS, the website, and social media.

You will also learn how the ads work, what types of monetisation is available for podcasters, and various bits and pieces about the industry.

The class is based on my knowledge and our team’s podcasts and launches for the Casefile Presents platform. And it’s not just talking, and we use this framework to launch new shows every year!

One big disclaimer, though! This space is changing fast, and once this class is out, some of the info may already be outdated. And that’s ok; most of the ideas will be transferable.

On top of that, I wanted to give you a basic overview of the podcasting space. But, again, because the industry is young and growing, these are not rigid rules. You have to experiment and take risks – there is no other way about it!

You may find you don’t need to join the network, and you can book the ads yourself or discover a totally different approach to monetising and marketing your show. One that I haven’t even thought about. That’s awesome. 

This class is just a start, my recommendations and my observations. You have to do it your way, and it’s the only (and the best) way. Let’s start creating!


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