Balancing the Grind with Mike Migas, Producer at Casefile True Crime Podcast

Mike Migas is an audio editor, composer and producer, currently working on Casefile, one of the most popular true crime podcasts…

5 Podcasters Share How to Overcome their Biggest Audio Challenges

Coming from a movie background, I look at podcasts in a similar way. With film, you always have a visual that can take the attention from any audio shortcomings; you don’t get that with podcasts. Casefile True Crime is all about ambience and setting the mood…

From Films to Podcasting, Inside the Life of Casefile Producer Mike Migas!

Mike Migas is the producer of the hit podcast Casefile True Crime which was the winner of both Spotify’s Podcast of the Decade and Apple Podcast’s Best of 2016 – 2020

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